Can Low Start-Up Business Costs Exist?

A low-ball figure for starting up a new business is $5,000. The average cost of a franchise is $20,000-30,000 and that isn’t counting additions like marketing, advertising, personnel costs, etc. Then it can take months, even a year or more, just to get a storefront up and begin building a small clientele. Would you like to know how to start a business with a solid track record, good earning potential, and less money? I was recently laid off a job of 14 years and I have a feeling some of you might have had a similar experience.I can introduce you to a bona fide opportunity to own your own business for about $1,000 for the first year, and you’re up and running immediately. This money gives you a website on which you can buy and sell almost anything for cash back and commissions. The site sells everything from cars, to event tickets, flowers/gifts, and services such as insurance. On top of that, you and others can shop at 700 retail stores online.But one of the coolest things about the site is that, on top of all that, it is a professional travel site. You can immediately sell travel off your site for profit as a referring travel agent. As an agent, you can travel like a pro, earn commissions, and write it all off your taxes. You can invite family, friends, and acquaintances to book travel on your user-friendly site and you earn money every time they book a trip.I earn a bit on airline flights, hotels, car rentals and such, but the biggest money is in selling things like cruises, tours, and adventure packages. And if you sell so many cabins on a group cruise, you will not only earn commission but you can qualify to go for free. Not only that, but you gain opportunities to take FAM or familiarization trips. These are reduced-cost trips companies offer travel agents in hopes that the agents may recommend that trip to others. The site also offers what they call Great Escapes which are reduced fare trips for agents. And here’s a little secret: if you take some classes with Princess Cruise Line, they’ll give you a free cruise to you and a partner!You have a plethora of options. Let’s say all you want to do for a while is offer family and friends an opportunity to find insurance for less. If they fill out information to get a quote, even if your contact doesn’t buy the insurance, you can receive a check. Or folks can sign up on your site to buy online from the 700 retailers. They earn cash back on every purchase, and you earn commissions.Personally, I’ve bought totally into the travel business, and I’m selling lots of travel. Exactly how do I do it? I tell friends, relatives, and acquaintances about it; I leave leaflets and brochures in prominent places; I place magnetic signs on my car; I will be doing self-prepared seminars for the retired. There are lots of methods I have found effective.Especially in this economy, jobs are scarce and good jobs are even scarcer. Almost everyone would love owning their own business without a nasty boss breathing down their necks. And I’m loving what I do.